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Athleisure Fashion: Fits Your Active Lifestyle Perfectly

17 Dec 2022
Athleisure Fashion: Fits Your Active Lifestyle Perfectly

When we think about choosing a dress for our everyday workout session, our minds immediately go to a simple crop top or a hoodie that has absolutely no breathable fabric in it, right? A simple workout routine or jogging session should not mean a boring statement. At least that’s what some people thought. Athleisure wear came into full fruition for these reasons. Good athleisure wear is supposed to be a bonding bridge between stylist yet comfortable outfits. If you have a hectic morning schedule and need to get to work right away after a good workout, then these outfits are made specifically for you. Over the past couple of years, the growth of athleisure sportswear has increased by up to 42%. This clearly proves how people don’t want to invest in boring clothes anymore. If you asked me a couple of years ago, I’d most definitely say that comfort and fashion do not go hand in hand and that this is not even possible. But with athleisure wear now, every one of us can wear our gym clothes to work or use them as an everyday outfit for a simple get-together.

What Is Athleisure? 

The word literally means workout or gym clothes. Every time we open our Instagram or any social media platform, the very first thing we see is a celebrity walking out of the gym with some fancy gym wear. This whole concept of wearing amazingly fashionable clothes to the gym was initially stolen from these celebrities themselves. Since more people started actively following the trend, more fashionable gym wear was created and, hence, athleisure sportswear was born. The clothes started to become so popular that people were even bold enough to wear them to their offices. Workout hoodies or jackets were already an office staple at this point. Let’s not forget how everyone these days has truly ditched analog watches and started using Fitbits. This kind of change has to be appreciated because it shows how people these days are much more focused on their health than fashion. Athleisure was invented or created at first for all athletes, but as people started focusing on their workouts more, it became a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. Starting from yoga pants to hoodies, every piece of clothing athleisure introduces is specifically introduced to create a sense of comfort and relaxation for both men and women.

A Deeper Look into the Creation  

Every time I think about gym wear all I can think about is a baggy shirt and old faded leggings. Yes, active wear was that boring before athleisure. Now with athleisure sportswear, workout clothes are not only fashionable but also breathable and comfortable. This modern and flattering twist on gym wear for both men and women really saves the day. The constant struggle of changing clothes before leaving for work or the money spent on two sets of clothes all the time has now finally come to an end. The design is generally based on how you can use the same outfit for workouts and a day out. Ladies, the struggle of carrying a gym bag with a change of clothes all the time to your workout is now over.

Popular brands these days offer every kind of outfits such as yoga tops with built-in sports bras, headbands, socks, etc. The variety of colors and designs gives us options to choose from. There was however a lack of social gatherings during the lockdown. Everyone had to stay home avoiding any kind of meetings. This apparently lead to the rise of athleisure wear. People started choosing outfits online that are much more accessible and comfortable instead of a tight dress or a formal shirt. The sales of athleisure sportswear online reached their utmost peak during this time.

Why It Became Famous? 

There are several reasons behind the popularity of athleisure wear. One of the most important reasons among them all is the fabric. Unlike any other gym wear we have worn for all these years, the fabric of athleisure wear is unique. This sportswear line is influential and trending now, with its marketing sector fast growing. The high-tech synthetic fabrics used along with polyester make the outfits more breathable and comfortable. The material is also made with UV-repellent properties, making it more trendy and popular.

Now, what do I mean when I say breathable and comfortable? Imagine working out in a set of clothes that do not even observe your sweat or even provide your body with proper ventilation. You immediately suffocate and feel breathless. This is why it is very important to choose outfits that have good breathable fabrics. Unlike most sportswear for men, athleisure wear is versatile and cozy. Another disadvantage we had before the introduction of athleisure wear was that the clothes were inappropriate for certain age groups. People with athleisure wear don’t have to worry about that as it suits all ages, social gatherings, and also the gym.

This popular trend has surely made heads turn, and when it comes to marketing, it certainly hits the roof. Every fashion company tries to use this opportunity to endorse their version of athleisure wear, making it 2022?s hottest trend. The fact that these outfits also promote people to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle is simply the cherry on top of the cake. Corporations and companies have taken it upon themselves to promote this athleisure wear in the hope of increasing their sales. Social media marketing has also been a good source of promotion. Everyone can now buy athleisure clothing online. This kind of exposure also promotes customer engagement. There were also times when women wore stylish gym attire while men wore the same track pants and t-shirt. Athleisure sportswear is designed in such a way that it offers trendy, comfortable gym wear for men and women. These online communities are also in the business of developing customer loyalty. Many influencers are trying out these outfits, creating a bond between the customers and the companies.

Athleisure wear brands are offering open lines of communication and are always ready to speak with this is also one of the reasons why they are so popular. The start of every new fashion requires constant interaction, and these brands are offering that. Another growing trend is the demand for these products. People always look for things that are convenient and easy. With athleisure wear, the choice of wearing the same outfit for a workout and an office party is intriguing to most people, which explains the high rise in demand.
At the end of the day, any kind of outfit that offers comfort is acceptable to everyone, and athleisure is one prime example of it.?BUY NOW

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