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How does Athleisure Wear add A New Dimension To Your Life?

17 Dec 2022
How does Athleisure Wear add A New Dimension To Your Life?

Athleisure clothing is all about tailored activewear outfits that are meant for the gym but are also used for everyday activities. Whether you are inclined for a coffee, a lunch meeting, or just running around and shopping, athleisure clothing is your ready-to-go outfit. People have realized that you can do all these activities comfortably in athleisure wear. You are essentially just taking the performance wear into everyday clothing.

In this blog, we will discover how adding Athleisure wear to your wardrobe can change your life and some tips on styling your athleisure clothing that can make you look more fashionable.

Why Should You Buy Athleisure Wear? 

Comfort is the new chic, and this is the era of athleisure. From sporty to stylish athleisure wear, loungewear, tracksuits and pajamas are now dominating racks at famous brands. From homegrown to fast fashion, you will find them everywhere and on everyone. According to a report, the athleisure clothing market is expected to grow to a staggering 796.43 Billion in 2028.

So now comes the question why you should buy and start wearing athleisure?  

First, it is way more comfortable than any other outfit. You can run, ride a bike, drive a car and do many more things you cannot do comfortably in your regular jeans.  

Second, it saves your time; if you wish to go out to meet someone in a coffee shop, you do not have to go home and change your clothes.  

Athleisure wear also gives you the feeling of an athlete, so if you do not like to work out, who knows, switching to performance clothes may change your mind, and you start taking care of your physical health too.  

And most importantly, celebrities worldwide promote athleisure wear, so this outfit is a trend is a new rage.  

How Athleisure Wear Became A Style Statement? 

Athleisure clothing is a combo of style, comfort, fit and functionality.??

Even hot couture labels like GUCCI, Fendi and Tom Ford are imitating and are inspired by the mainstream success of Athleisure brands.

Millennials and Gen Zers want fashion-forward athleisure garments that let them balance wellness priorities with remote work and at-home responsibilities and even a night out on the town, all without having to change their outfit.

What Are The Popular Trends In Athleisure Wear? 

Some of the popular trends in athleisure wear are:

Matching Sweat suits: The mega-popular old-school 90s style is more luxuriously back. But this time, not the loose ones but the tailored fit sweat suits are in trend. Navigating between busy schedules or travelling throughout the day, sweat suits and tracksuits are more than just a trendy outfits but an everyday essential.

Plane T-shirts: Instead of printed ones, you can try plane ones, which look soberer and give a gym freak look. Go for the black and grey colour that can go with any kind of lower. 

Hoodie: Honestly, who doesn’t like to wear a cool hoodie? Whether going to the gym, walking around, or even at a movie, a comfortable-fit hoodie and track pants can be a great combination.

Sports shoes/Sneakers: When working out in the gym or running, you will definitely need a good pair of shoes, but if you wish to go out casually, you can match your outfit with good quality and decent-looking sneakers too.  

How To Style Athleisure outfit?

So here are the few thing you need to do to execute the look properly and look more fashionable: 

  1. Fit: Pick up clothes that are tailored to your body. Avoid baggy pants and T-shirts that can enhance your Physique. Walk into the athleisure brand showrooms to get the perfect fit for your body type.
  1. Fabric: Go for the clothes that are made with performance fabrics. These fabrics wick away moisture that is quick dry and breathable. The quality of the material depends on what brand you purchase. Some famous athleisure brands are Under Armour, Gymshark, Nike, Adidas, and Athlete.
  1. Avoid Jewelry: Athleisure wear is a whole outfit in itself, and it does not need any add-on, so avoid wearing jewelry and accessories like analogue watches, bracelets or rings. You are supposed to look like you are either going to the gym or coming out of it, and nobody wears jewelry in the gym. But if you want to add anything, wear a smartwatch; they are in trend and fit perfect with performance wear.
  1. Look for inspiration: Follow some of the famous fashion icons and gym freaks on social media, and you will then get a perfect idea of how to style Athleisure wear, which ones are in trend and what perfectly suits you. 

Conclusion: No matter what you do or wear, we suggest you always opt for comfort. So it was all about the trending athleisure wear.

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